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South Sudan
Posted May 24, 2019 by Tony O'Riordan

A Nice Place to Eat in Maban

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Today we enjoyed our first meal in our newly build canteen for staff and those of us living in the compound. Everyone enjoyed the new surroundings and all the more so as the rainy season comes. No more dodging rain while trying to eat. 

We replaced this..

Replaced with this...

I found this interesting and I think my mother would approve... Taking off shoes to keep the dust and dirt out... Lets see how long this policy lasts!

The team here work hard and give so much of themselves to those in need. Providing a decent yet basic place to eat, it is a nice way to thank them and to look after them so they stay strong to continue the work.

I am always struck by the sacrifice that many of them make living away from young families. In recent weeks three of our staff became fathers and have not yet seen their children. They want to be here to work with those in need and also want to earn a modest income so they can support their familes. So it is a good thing that we can do a little to look after them. 

Thanks to all our donors on this project, especially UNHCR and Irish Jesuit Missions.

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