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South Sudan
Posted May 15, 2019 by Tony O'Riordan

Break over - Back to Work

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So I am just back in Maban today having spent a refreshing break back in Ireland with family, friends and some Irish Jesuits. It was such a joy to see the richness  of colour in the Irish country side in its May glory.  Pictured below is the view from Courtmacsherry looking across at the Old Head of Kinsale. 

Here some pictures of bluebells out in force in the May sunshine.

A lovely day visiting my friend Joe who lives in one of the most beautiful parts of West Cork.

Back to South Sudan now, refreshed and ready to work with the team here to continue our projects. Pictured below is our assembly of school desks which we will soon distrubute to local schools. 

We hope to repleace the seating you can see in the picture below with these custom made desks. Hopefully a more comfortable learning experience and leading to better educational outcomes. 

Also I am delighted to see that with support from Spanish Jesuits we have been able to help the local parish put a roof on the pastoral centre which will help in delivering a range of education and training programmes. Its very timely as the traditional structure was blown down and destoryed in some gusts of wind that hit two weeks ago as the rainy season comes. 

The timeber work is almost complete and in a few days the iron sheets will go on. 

Once complete it will also give a place for Sunday Mass if the road to the Main Church is flooded as often happens in the rainy season. 

Ok we need side walls to make it even better.. I guess that's why I have come back. Its good to be back to help with this and other projects. 

And thanks to so many of you for your help and support and offers of help. Like my young nephew Iarla, who made these lovely coluorful bricks and which are now part of the Maban landscape. I need a few more of these those!!

Thanks Iarla and thanks to all who make our work here in Maban possible. 

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