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South Sudan
Posted Oct 28, 2018 by Tony O'Riordan

Time of Building - Temporary Structures for Permanent Effects

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It is a busy time of preparing a plot of land that will form an extension to our Compound. This will replace the compound that was badly damamged in the atacks of 23 July.  What we are constructing is very temporary in nature, but the aim is to get these temporary structures up quickly so that we can begin our work that will have effects that are long lasting. Classes have already begun in the first of these. 

In the photos I want to give you a sense of what we have been doing to get things up and running.

The Plot at the back of our existing compound..



Dig the holes.. ( Ok I didn't dig the holes..)


Place the Post

First Post up...

Repeat Many Times

Shaping up..


Add some chainlink fence...

Good Fences make for Good Neighbours..

Young Adam mocks my hair challenged situation



Some Plastic Cover for some Privacy


Meanwhile we can begin on the bases for errecting some tents 

Setting up the base..

And in no time, space to accomodate 9 Teacher Training Tutors..


Now to construct a tent classrom ... Organise the parts..

Lay the frame - it is 12 metres by 6 metres.. so pretty big.


Taking SHape

And this is what it is all about, providing a space where educantion can continue..  an education that will last far longer than the tenporary structure where it was delviered. 

Meanwhile we have also been working to improve facilitaies - a new shower block will be very welcome by all.

JRS is very grateful to our donors and partners, Misean Cara, Irish Jesuit Missions and UK Jesuit Mission Office for their support with these various projects.


I will leave you with a picture of me and young Sebith, he seems impressed I think.. Well this is all about him and his generation, lets hope he and his generation can benefit from the work we are doing.




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