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South Sudan
Posted Mar 01, 2018 by Tony O'Riordan

Where is South Sudan?

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So I thought it would be useful to put up a map of Africa with the border of South Sudan marked in red. I hope this helps you get a better sense of where South Sudan is located in relation to other countries in Africa.

Other key facts include 

  • Population – 13milion+

  • Size – 619,745 km2 - (7.3-times the size of Ireland)

  • Currency – South Sudanese Pound (1 SSP = €0.045)

  • Industry – Oil, Agriculture

  • Economy – Heavily dependant on the oil industry. 80%+ of the population in non-wage activities – agriculture.

  • Languages - English, Arabic

  • Since the early months of 2017, parts of South Sudan have been experiencing a famine following several years of instability in the country's food supply caused by war and drought. The famine, largely focused in the northern part of the country, has been estimated to affect almost five million people (about 50% of the South Sudanese population)

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